03/14/2012, SJTU-SV Startup Salon 5 – Toward Entrepreneurship 走向创业 by Dr. Milton Chang

Topic: Toward Entrepreneurship by Dr. Milton Chang

                 – How to Start a Company, How to Succeed in America

Speaker: Dr. Milton Chang, Managing Director, Incubic Management

The speaker will describe a sensible way to start a business without taking undue risk. In essence, instead of looking for a big idea, start modestly in your area of expertise to serve a well-defined group of customers really well. You will have a built in competitive advantage to make it difficult for an established company to dislodge you. You will be able to gain business and management experience, and your customers will provide you product idea to expand incrementally and even exponentially. This approach enables you to grow painlessly and is proven to work based on the speaker’s personal experience.

In addition to address the process of starting a company, the speaker will also describe how to prepare for entrepreneurship by optimize your learning experience on the job. There will be ample time for an interactive discussion to address your specific needs. This is a seminar you wouldn’t want to miss. Attendees are encouraged to read his book in advance to get the most out of this talk.

Bio: Dr. Chang is managing director of Incubic Management, a venture fund investing in and advising high-tech startups. He was President/CEO of Newport and New Focus, both of which he took public. As an angel investor, he served on the boards of Uniphase (now JDSU) and 11 other startups that either went public or were acquired. He is currently director of Aurrion, MBio Diagnostics, and Precision Photonics. He is a Fellow of IEEE, OSA, and LIA, and writes the Business Forum column in Laser Focus World. Dr. Chang is also the author of a recently published book, Toward Entrepreneurship, which has gotten excellent reviews


Dr. Chang earned his BS with highest honors from the University of Illinois and his PhD from the California Institute of Technology. He was awarded Distinguished Alumni from both U of I and Caltech and is current a trustee of Caltech. He also attended the Harvard Owner/President Management Program and was a member of the Young President Organization. He is also a member of Committee of 100 and a member of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies.

Time:       6:30 to 8:30 PM, Monday, March 12, 2012

Address: 441 De Guigne Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (河洛醫科大學) ( 后侧门)


  • Chiao Tung University Alumni Association in North Califorina (CTUAA)
  • Fudan University Alumni Association of Northern California (FDAANC)
  • USTC Silicon Valley Alumni Association (USTCSV)
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni Association of Northern California (XJTUNC)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association in Silicon Valley (SJTU-SV)


  • 6:30 – 6:50 pm: Networking, dinner
  • 6:45 – 6:55 pm: Welcome Speech by Mike Lin, President of CTUAA
  • 7:00 – 8:00 pm: Dr. Chang’s talk
  • 8:00 – 8:30 pm: Q/A

Registration: Register online here. Pay $10 at the door for dinner included

Contact: Liya Chen (liyachen@yahoo.com) / Tong Wu (w_tong2000@yahoo.com)

上海交通大学创业沙龙 (第5期)

 Toward Entrepreneurship 走向创业

                 – How to Start a Company, How to Succeed in America

: Dr. Milton Chang, Managing Director, Incubic Management

时间:      6:30 to 8:30 PM, Monday, March 12, 2012

地点:     441 De Guigne Dr.,Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (河洛醫科大學)(后侧门)


  • Incubic风险基金的创始人和管理合伙人
  • 百人会成员
  • 曾任Newport和New Focus的首席执行官和总裁,并带领这两家公司成功上市
  • 作为天使投资人,曾任Uniphase(现今的JDSU)董事,和其他11家上市或被并购的初创公司的董事。
  • 加州理工大学校董 (trustee)
  • 美国证券和交易委员会(SEC)小型和新兴公司咨询委员会成员
  • 现任Aurrion, MBio Diagnostics, and Precision Photonics的董事
  • Laser Focus World杂志商业论坛专栏作家
  • 广受好评的新书Toward Entrepreneuship作者



Dr Chang’s book: http://miltonchang.com/



  • 北加州交大校友会
  • 复旦大学北加州校友会
  • 中国科技大学硅谷校友会
  • 西安交通大学北加州校友会
  • 上海交通大学硅谷校友会

联系人: Liya Chen (liyachen@yahoo.com) / Tong Wu (w_tong2000@yahoo.com)

注册: 请使用下面链接注册。届时将会收取 $10 作为晚餐费用。

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