You must have remembered that when we were studying in SJTU, we ran and sweated on the soccer field, and we competed in basketball games among departments. The mission of our Sports Committee is to promote such athletic spirit in our alumni, encourage participation in sports activities, and build friendships and better health through sports activities.

We worked as a team and have a lot of active alumni volunteers who help to organize sports activities in all kinds of areas. Here’s a brief picture:

  • Basketball team - We have Rong Ye, Joseph Lee lead our basketball team who practised weekly. Recently, our basketball team won the champion in the tournament held among Jiao Tong Universities. Congratulations to them!
  • Tennis team - Our alumni Mu Lin and Ye Zhang, Wei Loh helped to coordinate weekly tennis practice. We players of all levels to join practice.
  • Soccer team - Our alumni Miangang Zhao and Robert Lu, lead SJTU hard core soccer fans to practise soccer every week.
  • Ping Pong team - Steve Jia has helped to establish our ping pong teams to attend the first ping pong tournament among Jiao Tong Universities, during which our two team won the championship. We have regular schedule and location to practise ping pong. If you are interested in joining, please contact Steve Jia.
  • Ski team - Formed on winter 2001, our ski team are active during each winter (Dec – May). In 2002 we have regular ski trips. If you are interested in joining one of the ski trips in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact the volunteer coordinators: Elaine Sun, Katty Zhang or Steve Jia.
  • Badminton - Contact Miangang Zhao

Our Sports Committee are open to any of our alumni who are interested in joining sports activities.

Steve Jia
Sports Committee

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