Public Relations

Dear Alumni,

As we all come together to the association with common wishes to create values for our alumni and benefit from it, the mission of our PR Committee is to promote the public image of our alumni and our association.

We work towards our goals by cultivating broad and deep relationships with other organizations inside and outside of the Bay Area. To be more specific, the major developing areas we’re currently working on include building relationships with SJTU, CTUAA and many other organizations, connecting alumni and business opportunities in China, establishing business directory of successful alumni, and promoting our events to public media.

We enjoy the work not only because we contribute and learn, but also because we work together as a team. Currently, the committee members include Ed Fan, Tom He, Alan Xing, Sean Yao, Thomas Xue, Fan Zhang. More importantly, the committee is open and welcome to any alum with volunteering enthusiasm. For more information, please click

Alan Xing (邢海良)
Public Relations Committee

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