Social Activities

Years ago we went to the same campus, and became classmates, friends. Because of the unforgettable precious experience there, we are now alumni, and friends forever. The mission of our Social Activities Committee is to connect our alumni together and closer to form a close social networks, thus a community in which all alumni feel at home.

We also have different interest groups. For example, if you are interested in playing poker, bridge card, chess, please don’t hesitate to join our poker and chess club. Other interest groups include hiking group, photography group etc. Throughout seasons, there are a lot of interesting and fun social activities going on. For example, in May 2002 we organized cherry picking trip to cherry farms in Brentwood and in June 2002 we organized the Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz outing. On December 31st, 2002, we had an alumni social mixing party which featured with delicious dinner, movies, games to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. In 2003 we’ll have more social activities to come. Look forward to seeing more of our alumni and friends to join us at our events!

Our Social Activities Committee are open to any alumni who have volunteering spirit. We encourage our alumni to join us to contribute.

Katty Zhang
Social Activities Committee

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