Startup Salon

During the 2011 SJTU North America Alumni Summit hosted in Silicon Valley, Mr. Wayne Dai, among many other alumni, suggested to host seminars to nurture and promote entrepreneurship. Hence the Startup Salon.

3 Responses to Startup Salon

  1. Jeffery Tan says:

    would like to know how I can join this startup salon. and what are the events held inside the club.

  2. Kai Sun says:

    PhD student at Stanford ME/EE
    Strongly interested in launching a startup focusing on gas analyzer instrument

  3. Ping Xue says:

    I entered SJTU in 1978 as a graduate student and after received my Ph.D degree from Princeton, I tought in the EE Department of SJTU from 1986 to 1991. I’m currently with Shanghai 张江 group silicon valley office.
    The office provides a link with people in the silicon valley (as well as North America) with the 张江高科技园区. We also have VC for suitable start-ups.
    We welcome contacts from people who are interested in 张江高科技园区.

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