Sponsorship Program

  • A. Sponsorship package for non-alumni owned business

    The annual packages is $500.

  • B. Sponsorship package for alumni owned business

    The annual packages is $120.

  • C. Besides the two annual packages, we also have a guide line for ad hoc sponsorship.

    $100 for any events.

The sponsor will get in return:

  • 1. Business description and link in our home page.
  • 2. They can also setup a small stand in the major events.
  • 3. Our monthly business promotion email sent by a SJTU-SV volunteer.
  • 4. Word of mouth promotion between members, but no spam.
  • 5. Special tailored promotions offered by SJTU-SV (case by case)

This program is for corporations or individuals who want to expand their business in our alumni base. We don’t want to accept any sponsor who has the money. Our procedure will be at least one active member’s recommendation and the executive team’s majority votes. Current President has the veto power.

(Write to Ben Zhou, ben.zhou@maplescg.com if you are interested to be a sponsor of SJTU-SV.)

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