Best Teaching Award (2006)

SJTU-SV Best Teaching Award

Through the jointly effort of countless hands, the SJTU-SV Best Teaching Award comes into being finally! The First Phase of Nomination has been conclude by Jan, 2006.

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Special Tribute to Mr. Caihong Yan

Our deepest condolence to a fallen teacher, an unsung mentor, Mr. Caihong Yan, who enlightened his students and nourished many others. His ordinary but touching story can be found at

A fund raising is under way to keep his legacy. Please see the fund raising proposal for details on how to contribute. The fund raising proposal can be downloaded from the following two links.


We will post all contributors’ names on this website and update the on-going status of fund raised on a regular basis. Letters and cards received by May 1st will be taken back to China by our schoolmate Dongxi Sun on May 5, 2005 to be brought back to Shanghai and passed to Mr. Yan’s family. So dear alumni, please act today! It’s not the amount of money that matters; it’s our participation that counts. We want to tell our mother school that we care, that more than 50% of our alumni have participated in this event. Today we save $5 on Starbucks or Blockbuster; tomorrow we make a difference in Mr. Yan’s family, and benefit the current and future students at SJTU. Thank you in advance for your contribution and for forwarding this message to other schoolmates that you know of, so that they can join us as well into this valuable event.


Status Update

List of Contributors:

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